Liquid pigeon repellent. Arox – 500 ml


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Pigeon repellent in the form of a liquid that discourages birds from staying in the most crowded and polluted places, e.g. window sills, windows, roofs, walls and sidewalks.

A liquid preparation for deterring pigeons and other birds outside (window sills, balconies, terraces, roofs, elements of building facades, benches, monuments, lawns). The repellency effect is obtained after 3 days from the application, which lasts 6-21 days, depending on the place and weather conditions. When used correctly and regularly, it effectively discourages birds from staying in the places of its application. Product for general use.

Application method
Shake well before use. Spray the entire surface or spot, delimiting the bird’s access to undesirable and exposed to dirt places. Do not use immediately before rainfall. If it rains before the preparation is dry, the treatment should be repeated. Use only on clean surfaces. Do not apply the preparation in places where pigeons are fed. In the event of heavy rain, the treatment should be repeated. Capacity: 500 ml / 7 m². Protect larger areas by spot spraying the area at distances not exceeding 5 m.

Packaging:  500 ml


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