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Fertilizer for thuja and cypress trees -5 kg – Agrecol


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Fertilizer for thuja and cypress - Margaret Mayar Garden Centre-UK
Fertilizer for thuja and cypress – Margaret Mayar Garden Centre-UK

Optimize conifer growth with granular mineral fertilizer for thuja and cypress. Well-absorbed nutrients for healthy plants and proper growth. Rich in essential elements.

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Fertilizer for thuja, cypress and other conifers is granular mineral fertilizer. The ingredients it contains are very well absorbed also absorbed by the plant. Generally the composition of the fertilizer is properly matched to the needs of the plants. It ensures proper growth also condition of plants as well as adequate health. The content of nitrogen potassium also phosphorus covers the plant’s demand for nutrients.

  • for fertilizing thuja also cypress trees
  • perfect for fertilizing other conifers
  • provides intensive coloring of thuja also cypress scales
  • supports regeneration after intensive pruning
  • dosage: 40-60 g of fertilizer for each 1 m of plant height


  • EC fertilizer
  • nitrogen (N) – 14%
  • phosphorus (P2O5) – 14%
  • potassium (K2O) – 20%

Thuja (thuja) and cypress trees are plants with a very shallow root system. The root ball built in this way has limited access to water and nutrients. Due to their specific structure they require systematic watering and fertilization. In spring when vegetation begins the thuja fertilizer will provide the plants with optimal nourishment thanks to the optimal nitrogen content. This macronutrient ensures an intensive growth of green mass.

Properly nourished thujas grow quickly thanks to which we will obtain a lush and compact hedge. Potassium plays the most important role in nourishing thuja. Thuja fertilizer has an increased dose of this ingredient.

Potassium is responsible for the water balance in the plant. Thanks to it plants better tolerate periodic water shortages. Young growths with the use of potassium and phosphorus become woody faster. In addition the fertilizer guarantees an intense color of needles scales and shoots ensuring the attractive appearance of trees and shrubs.

Application method

Use from March to August every 60 days. Fall fertilizer should be applied from September. Measure out the right amount of fertilizer depending on the plant being grown:

plants grown in containers – use 40 g of fertilizer for every 20 liters of pot volume
plants grown in the ground – use 40-60 g of fertilizer for every 1 meter of height / width of the plant
hedges – use 60-80 g of fertilizer for every 1 m2 of hedge
when planting – use 40 g of fertilizer per 20 liters of substrate
Sprinkle the fertilizer evenly around the plant and mix it with the topsoil as much as possible. After applying fertilizer water the plant abundantly.

One handful is about 30 – 40 g of fertilizer.

Packaging: 1.2 kg; 5 kg

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– nawóz do trawników zachwaszczonych lub narażonych na zachwaszczenie
– stymuluje intensywny wzrost trawy minimalizując zachwaszczenie
– uzupełnia niedobory azotu na trawnikach
– wydajność 5 kg na 250 m2
nawóz WE
azot (N) – 15%
Nawóz do trawników na chwasty to granulowany nawóz mineralny. Odkwaszająca formuła podłoża nawozu stwarza doskonałe warunki do wzrostu traw, co ogranicza rozwój chwastów. Łatwo przyswajalny azot zawarty w nawozie pozwala na stosunkowo szybki wzrost trawy zapobiegając ponownemu pojawieniu się chwastów. Zdrowa, silnie rosnąca i często koszona trawa z łatwością wypiera osłabione chwasty.
Lawn fertilizer for weeds also works well on lawns that are prone to weed infestation due to large clearances or empty squares in the turf. Lawns thinned as a result of intensive exploitation chemical weeding aeration or scarifying are particularly prone to the appearance of weeds in empty places. The fertilizer quickly replenishes the substrate with nitrogen thanks to which the grasses quickly regain their condition and overgrow the soil surface. A regularly fertilized lawn is less prone to future weeds.
Weeding the lawn
Weeding the lawn is quite a laborious task. Many want a spotless lawn in their garden without any weeds. Few people realize that the lawn is the most demanding “plant” in the garden. Even a slight negligence on our part may result in the loss of the lawn’s condition. Weeds appear very quickly on weakened lawns so it is worth taking care of the lawn. First of all lawns should be mowed regularly. This treatment also contributes to the removal of weeds that are more sensitive to shearing. In addition it prevents the weeds from setting seeds and thus their further spreading. Weeds are competitive with grass because they have adapted to difficult habitat conditions and grow wherever they find a piece of free space. Frequently mown grass becomes more compact and branching making the most of the available space. Leaving the grass without mowing we make it grow only upwards and what is worse it starts to sprout (bloom) – then the lower parts of the grass die making it more and more sparse. After a long time without mowing the mowed lawn suddenly becomes thinner. This creates great opportunities for weed growth. On lawns we mainly want to eliminate dicotyledonous weeds. They stand out the most on lawns because they have a different structure than grasses.
Lawns are not the only thing important for mowing. The lawn should be watered especially in dry and rainless periods. Aeration or scarifying should be performed at least once a year. Scarifying gets rid of the felt (dry parts of the grass) and moss that hinder the growth of the grass. Aeration aerates the roots of the grasses creating ideal air and water conditions in the substrate. These treatments are usually performed in spring. The lawn may look very damaged after treatment but this is not cause for concern. These are very positive treatments for plant development. After the treatments it is good to immediately apply fertilizer to the lawns for weeds which will revive the grass making it quickly regain its condition.
In the case of weeding the lawn we do not always have to resort to herbicides. When the lawn is not dominated by weeds so there are not many of them we can reach for a specialized fertilizer such as lawn fertilizer for weeds. Lawn fertilizer for weeds not only perfectly nourishes the lawn but also prevents the growth of weeds in a simple way without the use of pesticides. The fertilizer performs two tasks simultaneously: nourishing and inhibiting the growth of weeds (2 in 1). In the case of a strong dominance of weeds on the lawn we can use one of the selective herbicides.
Application method
The fertilizer should be applied from March to August every 45-60 days. Fall fertilizer should be applied from September.
1. Measure the appropriate amount of fertilizer: 20 g of fertilizer for every 1 m2 of lawn.
2. Nawóz równomiernie rozprowadzić na trawniku ręcznie lub specjalnym siewnikiem.
3. Po zastosowaniu nawozu obficie podlać trawnik.
1 garść to około 30 – 40 g nawozu.
Opakowanie: 1,2 kg; 5 kilogramów; 10 kg

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Weight 5.4 kg
Dimensions 19 × 29 × 18 cm

For thuja and cypress trees


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