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Enhance plants growth with Mineral Gel liquid fertilizer for bonsai tree. Ideal for bonsai trees at home, winter gardens, and greenhouses. Easy-to-dissolve gel formula for traditional and hydroponic cultivation.

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Bonsai fertilizer from the Mineral gel series is a liquid mineral fertilizer in the form of a gel that can be dissolved in water. We specially design this fertilizer to nourish bonsai trees grown in homes, winter gardens, and greenhouses. It can also be used for garden plants that are shaped into fancy bonsai-like forms.

The gel formula of the fertilizer dissolves very easily in water. The fertilizing solution can be successfully used to fertilize plants grown using traditional methods, as well as in hydroponic cultivation.

  • intended for fertilizing plants carried out according to the art of bonsai
  • satisfies the nutritional needs of these plants
  • has a positive effect on foliage
  • recommended especially in the period of intensive plant formation


  • EC fertilizer
  • nitrogen (N) – 6%
  • phosphorus (P2O5) – 5%
  • potassium (K2O) – 5%
  • Micronutrients: boron (B) 0.02%, copper (Cu) * 0.002%, iron (Fe) * 0.02%, manganese (Mn) * 0.015%, molybdenum (Mo) 0.002%, zinc (Zn) * 0.015%

* chelated by EDTA

Bonsai is the art of miniaturizing trees or shrubs grown in properly selected, flat containers. Due to their specificity, they require an individual approach in terms of care and fertilization. The fertilizer for bonsai from the Mineral gel series contains phosphorus and potassium, which affect the wood of plants bent into fanciful forms.Thanks to that, they gain the desired form faster.

It accelerates regeneration after trimming or damage to the cortex, because it supports the production of scar tissue – callus. Proper nutrition helps deciduous and coniferous plants (e.g., maples, elms, beeches, oaks, pines, larches, etc.) cope with the stress of shoot end removal. Root system limited by a flat container requires systematically supplied nutrients.

Application method

The package contains a transparent cap for precise and convenient dosing of the fertilizer. The cap indicates three dosage levels, depending on the amount of water we use for irrigation:

  • Level I – Dissolve 7 ml of fertilizer in 2 liters of water for the dosage.
  • Level II – Dissolve 14 ml of fertilizer in 4 liters of water for the dosage.
  • Level III – Dissolve 21 ml of fertilizer in 6 liters of water for the dosage.

Fertilize the plants once every 2 weeks from March to October. However, during the winter dormancy (November to February), fertilize once a month. Fertilize young plants using half of the recommended dose. Do not exceed the recommended doses, as this could damage or destroy the plants.

Available packages: 0.25L

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  • niezbędny do uprawy sundavilla, mandevilla i innych odmian dipladenia
  •  polecany również do uprawy roślin w zestawieniach z innymi roślinami balkonowymi i tarasowymi
  •  zapewnia długie i obfite kwitnienie


nawóz WE

azot (N) – 7%

fosfor (P2O5) – 4%

potas (K2O) – 7%


bor (B) 0,02%, miedź (Cu)* 0,002%, żelazo (Fe)* 0,04%, mangan (Mn)* 0,015%, molibden (Mo) 0,002%, cynk (Zn)* 0,015%

* chelatowane przez EDTA

The fertilizer for sundaville from the Mineral Gel series is a liquid mineral fertilizer in the form of a gel that can be dissolved in water. Indispensable in feeding very demanding sundavilli of the genus Mandevilla (Dipladenia). Also recommended for cultivation in compositions with other balcony and terrace plants. The gel formula of the fertilizer dissolves very easily in water. The fertilizing solution can be successfully used to fertilize plants grown using traditional methods, as well as in hydroponic cultivation.

Sundaville are climbers which, although they are perennial plants, are often treated as annuals due to the difficulties associated with overwintering these plants. In sundevilla grown in our climate, it is desirable to grow as quickly as possible. We also want to stimulate the flowering plant in order to use the potential of this plant in one growing season. Systematically used fertilizer causes a rapid increase in green mass and stimulates plants to produce a large amount of flower buds. Sundavillas are grown in pots and containers on balconies and terraces. This method of cultivation is associated with certain conditions to which the plant is exposed. The soil in a limited container becomes sterile very quickly, so it is good to constantly replenish nutrients. In addition, the plant is exposed to the drying out of the root ball. The specificity of the fertilizer means that we can easily deliver it during watering.

Metoda aplikacji

Opakowanie zawiera przezroczystą nakrętkę umożliwiającą precyzyjne i wygodne dozowanie nawozu. Nakrętka wskazuje trzy poziomy dozowania, w zależności od ilości wody używanej do nawadniania:

Poziom I – dawka 7 ml nawozu do rozpuszczenia w 2 litrach wody

II stopień – dawka 14 ml nawozu do rozpuszczenia w 4 litrach wody

Stopień III – dawka 21 ml nawozu do rozpuszczenia w 6 litrach wody

Nawóz stosować w okresie intensywnego wzrostu i kwitnienia, rośliny nawozić raz w tygodniu. W pozostałej części sezonu wegetacyjnego rośliny należy nawozić raz na dwa tygodnie. Młode rośliny nawozić stosując połowę zalecanej dawki. Nie przekraczać zalecanych dawek, gdyż może to uszkodzić lub zniszczyć rośliny.

Dostępne opakowania: 0,25L

Additional information

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