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Crystalline balcony fertilizer-0.25 kg


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Crystalline fertilizer for balcony plants - Margaret Mayar Garden Centre - UK
Crystalline fertilizer for balcony plants – Margaret Mayar Garden Centre – UK

Balcony – a crystalline fertilizer for balcony plants, suitable for all balcony, terrace, and garden flowering plants. Use with various plant compositions.

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Balcony – is a crystalline fertilizer for balcony plants – Margaret Mayar Garden Centre – UK to be dissolved in water. Intended for the nutrition of all flowering plants grown on balconies, terraces also gardens. Fertilizer for balcony plants such as: surfinie, pelargonium, lobelia, verbena, nemesis, bacopy, beetle, fuchsia, begonias also many other plants.

You can also use the fertilizer for cultivating less common balcony plants like sundeville, bougainvillea, oleanders, heliotropes, claws, bidens, tunbergs, lanthanas, and gazans. You can easily use the balcony flower fertilizer in various plant compositions, including ornamental leaves.

  • for fertilizing balcony also terrace plants
  • works well in supplying garden flowers
  • stimulates also extends flowering
  • enough for 250 liters of water for irrigation


  • EC fertilizer
  • nitrogen (N) – 15%
  • phosphorus (P2O5) – 10%
  • potassium (K2O) – 25%
  • magnesium (MgO) – 2%
  • Micronutrients: boron (B) 0.02%, copper (Cu) * 0.02%, iron (Fe) * 0.07%, manganese (Mn) * 0.04%, molybdenum (Mo) 0.004%, zinc (Zn)*0.015%

* chelated by EDTA (All ingredients are 100% water-soluble)

Thanks to the appropriate configuration of macro- and micronutrients, the balcony flower fertilizer is perfect for quickly regenerating weakened plants. Crystalline fertilizers are intervention fertilizers – they immediately replenish nutrient deficiencies thanks to minerals that are available to plants in easily digestible forms.

Due to the increased potassium content in the fertilizer, balcony flowers bloom continuously and profusely. Systematically used fertilizer ensures intensive color of flowers and correct color of leaves. The presence of nitrogen, magnesium and iron in the fertilizer prevents the formation of chlorosis (yellow discoloration of the leaves), which is the result of a deficiency of chlorophyll in the leaves.

The fertilizer for balcony flowers is notable for its magnesium content, among other elements. This component additionally supports plant resistance to the stress of drought and low temperatures. Plants malnourished with magnesium grow poorly, create thin shoots and sparse flowers, but the fertilizer quickly eliminates these deficiencies.

The micronutrients contained in the fertilizer for balcony flowers additionally support the plant and ensure intense color of the flowers.

What distinguishes crystalline fertilizers?

Gardeners use crystalline fertilizers for fertilization during watering. Fertilizers are very easily soluble in water. They exhibit exceptional performance. Only 1 gram of fertilizer is enough to dissolve in 1 liter of water. This means that one teaspoon of fertilizer (5 grams) can be dissolved in a 5 liter watering can.

Crystalline fertilizers stand out for their high concentration of mineral compounds among the fertilizers used for watering. Convenient foil sachets pack the fertilizers, preventing moisture penetration and lumps formation. The package is equipped with a string that allows re-closing, without the need to pour the fertilizer into other containers

Application method

Use once a week while watering. Prepare a water solution, allocating 1 teaspoon of fertilizer to 5 liters of water (1 g of fertilizer per 1 liter of water). Water the plants with the solution obtained in this way until the substrate is moist. During the flowering period, fertilize the plants with each watering.

Plants should be watered after the substrate, avoiding contact with leaves and flowers. The recommended doses should not be exceeded, because the fertilizer is highly condensed.

Packaging: 200g

If you’re unsure about this product, then feel free to contact our team. We’ll be glad to assist you, explain how the product works, also recommend other suitable options for you. You can also contact with us on our fan page on Facebook – Garden Centre Margaret Mayar.


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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 22 × 14 × 5 cm

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Material Basis


Release Speed





Spring, Summer, Autumn


Nitrogen (N) Phosphorus (P2O5) Potassium (K2O) Micronutrients

Plant Type/ Destiny

Pelargonium, Flowers, Flowering plants, Tarraced plants, potted, outdoors and indoors







Expiry Date

Located on the package






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