Conditioner that shines the leaves, spray – 250 ml


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– intended for shining leaves in bouquets, flower arrangements and indoor plants

– improves the aesthetics of the leaves, removes stains and gives the leaves a healthy shine

– reduces dust settling on the leaves


Leaf rinse aid is a spray preparation designed to improve the aesthetics of plant leaves in bouquets and flower arrangements. It is also useful in improving the aesthetics of the leaves of some indoor plants. It allows you to obtain a natural, healthy shine of plants. Effectively removes stains (deposits) from leaves, resulting from sprinkling with water. It limits the deposition of dust without interfering with the respiration process of plants. Leaf rinse aid is used by hobbyists creating floristic compositions as well as by professionals offering florist services.


It is not recommended to use the preparation on: cacti, succulents, ferns, plants with hairy or delicate leaves, and on developed flowers.


Application method

Shake well before use. Use by spraying the upper surface of the leaves from a distance of approx. 30 cm. Use once a month.

Note: Avoid excessive sunlight (heating) of the leaves immediately before and after the treatment.


Available packages: 150ml; 750ml


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