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HYDROGEL – Preparation for storing water in the substrate. Less watering – protects against drought.


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Water storage in granules - Margaret Mayar Garden Centre - UK
Water storage in granules – Margaret Mayar Garden Centre – UK

Hydrogel, a microcrystalline product, water storage in soil granules for potted and garden plants. It aids nutrient absorption, accelerates growth, and conserves water.

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Hydrogel is a microcrystalline product designed as water storage in granules in the soil. The preparation is intended for potted plants – grown at home on a balcony and terrace, as well as for plants grown directly in the ground – in the garden and on the plot. The microcrystals absorb water also nutrients to form a soft hydrogel.

During drought, plants take up the water contained in the hydrogel. The preparation contributes to a better use of nutrients. The use of hydrogel accelerates seed germination also the growth of young plants. It has a positive effect on the rooting of cuttings also the formation of an extensive root system.

It has a positive effect on the growth of the above-ground part also improves the condition of plants. The process of water uptake and giving back by microcrystals may take place many times during the entire vegetation period, which limits water losses from the substrate.

  • product in the form of microcrystals
  • recommended for potted, balcony also garden plants
  • absorbs and stores water also the nutrients it contains
  • guarantees the availability of water for plants during periods of drought
  • the hydrogel collects also gives back water many times
  • positively affects the rooting and germination of plants also their appearance

Hydrogel is especially recommended for container and potted indoor and balloon cultivation. Hydrogel is a perfect product for the forgetful also overworked people. Hydrogel also allows you to leave the plants for a longer time when you go on vacation, without fear that the flowers left unattended will wither.

Hydrogel is not recommended for use in the cultivation of succulents and orchids that do not require too much water in the substrate. After hydration, white crystals increase their volume many times and become transparent. The product is efficient and safe for the environment. It works in the substrate for 5 years and then it is biodegradable.

Application method

The recommended dose of the product should be mixed with an appropriate amount of substrate, and then filled with the mixture in pots or containers. After planting, the plants should be watered abundantly with water.

Potted plants: 10 g (1 sachet) of hydrogel is sufficient for 16 liters of substrate

  • in the case of plants requiring less water, use a dose of 10 g per 34 liters of substrate
  • in the case of plants requiring more water, use a dose of 10 g per 11 liters of substrate

Balcony plants: 10 g (1 sachet) of hydrogel is enough for 12 liters of substrate.

Ornamental trees and shrubs: Apply Hydrogel depending on the thickness (depth) of the soil.

The depth of soil at which the Hydrogel is applied

Hydrogel dose per 1 m²

Hydrogel dose per 0.5 m²

50 cm

20 – 25* g

10 – 12,5* g

40 cm

16 – 20* g

8 – 10* g

30 cm

12 – 15* g

6 – 7,5* g

20 cm

8 – 10* g

4 – 5* g

10 cm

4 – 5* g

2 – 2,5* g

* Use the higher of the recommended doses on very permeable soils with low water retention, e.g. sandy soils.


You can also use the hydrogel when planting plants. Pour a half of the hydrogel dose to the bottom of the previously prepared well and mix it lightly with the soil. Mix the remaining dose with the prepared substrate for sprinkling the root ball. After placing the plant in the hole, sprinkle the roots with the substrate mixed with Hydrogel and knead well.

Establishing lawns: Apply at a depth of 20 – 30 cm, allocating 4 – 5 g per 1 m².

Sprinkle the measured amount of the preparation evenly on the surface of the ground previously prepared for setting up a lawn. Then mix the preparation with the soil to a depth of 20-30 cm.

Sow grass seeds on the prepared substrate, cover with 1-2 cm of soil and tamp gently. If you are creating a rolled lawn, you can spread the turf after mixing the Hydrogel with the soil. Finally, water the established lawn abundantly.

Available packages: 10g; 250g; 1 kg

If you’re unsure about this product, then feel free to contact our team. We’ll be glad to assist you, explain how the product works, also recommend other suitable options for you. You can also contact with us on our fan page on Facebook – Garden Centre Margaret Mayar.


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