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Liquid for spiders and prevent the formation of spider webs. Arox – 500ml


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A liquid preparation for direct use designed to fight spiders and prevent the formation of spider webs.
The spider lotion is a preparation for direct use designed to fight spiders. The spider liquid is intended for use on all surfaces inside residential and public buildings. Product for general use.

Application method
Shake well before use. Use the agent directly on the target organisms or by spraying surfaces on which spiders travel: window frames, door frames, skirting boards. The kill effect is obtained after 1 hour on smooth surfaces (e.g. tiles, plastic) and after 2 hours on porous surfaces (e.g. wood). For use at a dose of 50 ml / m². A 500 ml package secures 10 m². For the disinfection of entire rooms, the preparation protects 50 m2, spraying 20% ​​of the surface only in places where spiders move or stay. After application, leave the room to dry and ventilate for about 5-10 minutes. The preparation protects against the formation of new spider webs for up to 6 months. If it is necessary to discontinue the operation of the product, the surfaces should be cleaned with classic detergents.

Packaging: 500ml


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