Garden ointment for securing wounds on trees.


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– protects wounds after cutting, bark cracks, frost damage or damage caused by animals

– ointment intended for fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs

– creates a physical barrier to microorganisms


Garden ointment to protect wounds on trees. It protects cut wounds, bark cracks, frost damage and damage caused by wild animals. It speeds up wound healing and creates a physical barrier that protects against fungal and bacterial infections. Garden ointment is resistant to weather conditions. For use in orchards and home gardens. The ointment creates a film that prevents the ingress of moisture and the development of disease at the wound site.


The bark is a natural barrier of woody plants that protects against external factors: against moisture, diseases, pests. If this structure is disturbed in a deliberate manner during pruning or in a natural way, it may cause slow plant dieback. By pruning small twigs, the plant is able to regenerate itself quickly. On the other hand, thick branches and tree trunks react differently to being cut and damaged. Therefore, it is advisable to always have garden ointment ready, because when a valuable specimen is broken or damaged, you can quickly intervene before pathogens enter the plant through the covered tissues. Very often, at the turn of winter and spring, the trunk and branches are damaged as a result of sudden changes in temperature.


Application method

The ointment should be applied immediately after cutting or as soon as possible after any damage. Spread the preparation evenly with the brush located at the base of the package, on the previously cleaned wound surface and 2 cm beyond its borders.


The ointment can be used on damages to the bark and wood all year round. Do not use the ointment on rainy and frosty days.


Available packages: tube – 200g and bottle 330g


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