Conditioner for cut flowers


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– extends the life of cut flowers

– supports good hydration

– flowers look fresh for a long time

– water with the addition of a conditioner stays clean longer


Liquid conditioner for cut flowers in the form of convenient ampoules. The preparation extends the life of cut flowers and keeps them in good condition. The conditioner protects the flowers against premature wilting and rotting of the shoots immersed in the water. Thanks to the use of the conditioner, the water in the vase does not become cloudy while maintaining its transparency for a long time.


Why use cut flower food?

Cut flower food contains nutrients that visibly extend the life of cut flowers and improve their condition. Once collected, the flowers stay fresh longer and store water better, which allows them to be transported more easily from the place of purchase. Conditioner ingredients inhibit the formation of bacteria that contribute to water spoilage, and at the same time prevent plant rot caused by these bacteria.


How to properly care for cut flowers?

When we cut flowers from our own garden or receive a beautiful bouquet, we want it to remind us of the wonderful moments associated with flowers for as long as possible. However, in order to enjoy the beauty of a bouquet, we should follow a few simple rules. It is not enough just to cut flowers and put them in a vase of water. It is also important to prepare the flowers before putting them in the water, the room in which they are located, as well as the quality of the water. When applied, these few tips will surely be a healthy habit in the care of cut flowers.


Preparing the bouquet

When we buy or get a ready-made flower arrangement, they are usually prepared by a professional florist. Shoots properly trimmed and twigs devoid of leaves. When a bouquet has been freshly prepared, we usually do not need to perform any additional treatments before placing it in a vase. But it happens that the bouquet was prepared much earlier and stood for a little longer at the florist’s exhibition. We will recognize this by looking closely at the cut stems. They will be visibly stale, lacking in firmness, and sometimes even spoiled. Then it is a good idea to trim the stems at least 1 cm before placing them in the vase. It is best to use sharp tools for each cut so as not to crush the stem as it draws in water. A secateurs will be perfect. We cut at an angle. Firstly, because the absorption area will be larger, and secondly, because the flowers cut flat may stick to the bottom of the vase and the shoots will then have a limited ability to take up water.


Some people recommend that the cut be done underwater, in which case the plant automatically sucks water into the stem rather than air that obstructs the conductive beams. You can use a trick and your flowers will surely pay you back.


If you want to prepare your own bouquet, choose gently unfolded flowers for cutting – these will stay in the vase the longest. The lower part of the shoot, which will be under the water, should be cleaned of leaves. Because the submerged leaves will rot and stain the water.


The location of the bouquet

An important aspect for cut flowers is also where they will stand. You probably noticed that the flower shop has a rather cool and humid microclimate. Such conditions are aimed at extending the life of the flowers. Therefore, at home, flowers are best placed in a cool room. And if we do not have such a possibility, let us place bouquets at least away from direct sun or heat sources. Cut flowers also do not like drafts. If the air humidity in the apartment is very low, as is the case with some indoor plants, it is good to sprinkle the bouquet.


Vase and water

The flower vase should be clean. Each time you keep plants in a vase, you should thoroughly wash the vase to remove plant residues, algae and bacteria. It is good to pour the remaining water from the watering can into the vase, because not every flower tolerates chlorinated water straight from the tap. Pour enough water into the vase so that the stems are submerged 3-5 cm. This is not always possible when flowers are loosely arranged in a vase and drink large amounts of water. Too deep immersion, which reaches all the way to the leaves, creates the possibility of rotting and the growth of bacteria. The time the flowers remain in the vase will be extended by the appropriate nutrients for cut flowers. Cut flower conditioner contains nutrients that the plant absorbs from the ground under growing conditions. The conditioner will also prevent the growth of microorganisms. Despite the use of flower food, the water must be changed. The method of using flower food can be found in the instructions for use. Fresh water with the addition of flower food is a new portion of the necessary minerals. Remember that flowers, especially on warm days, can “drink” all the water in the vase. To avoid their wilting, fresh water should be added every day, and preferablyis to wash the vase by the way.


The method of using the conditioner in ampoules:

– One ampoule contains a measured dose of 10 ml of the conditioner, which is enough for 0.5 l of water.

– Cut off or break off the tip of the ampoule.

– Add the conditioner to the water in the proportion: 1 ampoule -> 0.5 l of water.

– Stir the water in the vase before placing the flowers.


How to use the conditioner from the bottle:

– Fill the dispenser in the cap to the level marked in the picture (third level), which corresponds to 20 ml of the nutrient. Dilute the measured dose in 1/2 liter of water.


Available packages: 10 ml ampoule or 250 ml bottle


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