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Tile for fighting flying insects: mosquitoes, flies, blackflies and adult clothes moths indoors.

A plate containing a preparation for fighting flying insects: mosquitoes, flies, blackflies and adult clothes moths indoors. The insert of the plate, soaked in the active substance, works immediately after unpacking, gradually releasing into the air. The first effects appear after 30 minutes. after being removed from the packaging. The killing effect occurs 2 hours after application. One tile protects a room with a cubage of 50 m³ for a period of 4 months. Product for general use in: living quarters, offices, shops, warehouses and livestock rooms.

Method of application

Take the insecticidal plate out of the foil package. Place in a place with free air circulation, away from open windows and doors – intensive ventilation reduces the effectiveness of the product. The package should be opened immediately before use and placed at a height of approx. 2 m. Wash your hands after contact with the tile.

Cut open the foil package and remove the plate from it.

Unfold both bases until they click into place. You can also hang the tile without unfolding the bases, using the holes in the base elements, where insects are present.

Place the ready-to-use plate in the place where insects are present.

The value in use of the plate is 5 months from the date of its first opening. To make it easier to determine the period of operation of the plate, use the slider with marked months.

Package: 1 pc


Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 20.5 × 0.08 × 3 cm


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