Rooting frtilizer to greens – 30ml


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– supports rooting green cuttings

– contains vitamin B1 which stimulates root growth

– reduces plant stress associated with transplanting


Rooting fertilizer for herbaceous cuttings is a concentrated, multi-component liquid rooting fertilizer with the addition of vitamin B. It is used during rooting herbaceous cuttings and after planting rooted plants. Vitamin B contained in the fertilizer stimulates the formation of hair roots responsible for the uptake of nutrients. A properly balanced set of micronutrients ensures proper growth of the root system of ornamental plants. The fertilizer can be used in the form of an aqueous solution for watering freshly planted seedlings and when transplanting young plants.


The fertilizer contains an increased dose of phosphorus, which contributes to the intensive development of the root system. The initial dose of nitrogen helps the plant to create aboveground parts. A number of micronutrients also support root formation. Zinc is a stimulator of the production of auxins – plant hormones. Auxins determine cell division, which in turn contributes to the formation of adventitious roots. It is after cutting the seedling and placing it in water that adventitious roots are formed on the above-ground plant shoots.


A simple recipe for a herb seedling:

Indoor plants for herbaceous cuttings, e.g. Kalanchoe, American violet, triplet, potted begonias, pellet plant, angina and many succulents


Trees, shrubs and vines propagated by herbaceous cuttings, e.g. birch, catalpa, Podolia, ornamental cherry, elm, ginkgo biloba, common heather, cotoneaster (only leaf-shedding species), forsythia, some fuchsias, garden hydrangea, climbing hydrangea, fragrant jasmine, cinquefoil, some clematis, common ivy, wisteria.


To get a seedling, cut the green part of the plant with at least one node (the place from which the leaves grow). Then tear off the lower leaves so that they do not come into contact with water as they could rot. The exceptions are some plants, e.g. the American violet, which is propagated from the cuttings in the form of a leaf. Soak the prepared seedling in water. Until the seedling forms a root system, the container should be regularly refilled with water.


Application method

The package includes a measuring cup that facilitates dosing the fertilizer.


Rooting green cuttings: The fertilizer is used in the form of a 20% water solution (e.g. 10 ml of fertilizer + 40 ml of water). After placing the seedling in the substrate, water it with the prepared solution once every 2 weeks until the seedling forms roots. 50 ml of the solution is enough for several seedlings.


Planting rooted plants: The fertilizer is used in the form of a 20% water solution (e.g. 10 ml of fertilizer + 40 ml of water). After planting young plants, water them with the prepared solution once every 2 weeks. 50 ml of the solution is enough for several seedlings.


Packaging: 30 ml


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