Monstera enters our lives!

Content   Treść   Swiss Cheese plant – Monstera – is an extremely effective houseplant, which has recently led the way in flower popularity. No wonder! Its beautiful, large and shiny leaves add character to the interior, effectively greening apartments, houses and offices. Swiss Cheese plant (Latin Monstera deliciosa) – because that’s its full name […]


Content Treść Christmas is a wonderful time. Not only because of family reunions, christmas spirit, presents and magic in the air. It is wonderful because it wakes creativity in some special way. It is like all creative thoughts were concentrated towards lightening up christmas spirit within peole around you. For me it is time of […]


Content Treść Angels exist to serve us, people. Whether we believe it or not, they very often help us, protect us and warn us of mistakes. Some people even claim, that they saw an angel in the flesh, mostly to deliver an important information. Others say, that angel is to be invited, given a place […]